What does Rodney like? Napa

What does Rodney like?

Not surprisingly, the Napa Valley experience is an important part of coming to work with Rodney. Getting away from the familiar and immersing oneself in a beautiful, world-class environment encourages lawyers to focus in a new way. Because Rodney’s clients book thousands of hotel nights every year, he has been able to forge strong friendships with some of the valley’s top hospitality and wine professionals. Here are some of Rodney’s favorite places, described in his own words:
Napa Valley

North Block is the #1 favorite hotel of all my clients. Beautiful rooms, and located in the heart of Yountville, one of Napa Valley’s more charming towns and less than 10 minutes from my offices. Because of our long history together, General Manager Ty Acconero and his staff provide exemplary personalized service to my clients.

Ty Accornero
General Manager, North Block Hotel

The source fruit for the first vintage of John Anthony cabernet sauvignon was grown on my property. That wine garnered a 93 rating from Wine Spectator, putting John Anthony on the map in 2003. Since then, owner John Truchard and I have become good friends and I’ve been a big supporter of his wines, which never fail to be popular with all my clients.

John Truchard
Owner/Vintner, John Anthony Family of Wines

I’ve known chocolatier Chris Kollar since before he opened his store in 2011. His chocolates made an immediate impression on me; little did I know he would eventually be named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things! For years, I’ve had Chris create custom chocolates with my airplane logo to give to every client who comes to work with me, and Chris’s specialty chocolates are favorite gifts that teams take home. His Napa Valley Zinfandel Dark Chocolate Ganache is my personal favorite.

Chris Kollar
Owner, Kollar Chocolates

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