What does Rodney like? Restaurants

What does Rodney like?

Rodney’s clients can dine at some of the finest restaurants in the Napa Valley. Having cultivated long-standing relationships with many Napa restaurants, Rodney is able to personally direct his clients to delicious and enjoyable experiences. Here are some of Rodney’s favorite places to eat:

This is one of the first restaurants I frequented when I started coming to Napa. The food is terrific and the atmosphere is refined and comfortable. Bistro Don Giovanni is the closest restaurant to The Farmhouse and it’s become an unspoken go-to for client teams on Sunday nights.

Bistro Don GiovanniNeno Giovanni
General Manager, Bistro Don Giovanni

Bottega is the #1 favorite restaurant of all my clients. Chef Michael Chiarello puts a truly innovative spin on Italian cuisine, unlike any other Italian restaurant. As my clients know, my favorite server Murph is a big part of what makes the experience so special and I won’t go there without him.

Michael Chiarello
Chef/Founder, Bottega Restaurant

I have eaten at the finest steakhouses all over the country. Cole’s is at the very top of my list. I’ve known and enjoyed head chef Jesus’s cooking since I came to Napa. If you’re in the mood for a prime grade steak, Cole’s is where to go.

Eric Keffer, General Manager/Owner
Jesus Mendez, Chef de Cuisine
Cole’s Chop House

The experience at Cordeiro’s is singular among all the restaurants I enjoy. The retro steakhouse atmosphere is welcoming and the cuisine is always delicious. Be sure to have Sammy as your server. He makes the best (and only!) tableside Caesar around. Order it “Rodney style:” light on the dressing with extra croutons.

Bashar Elkhalil, General Manager
Sammy Gebru, Head Waiter
Cordeiro’s Steakhouse

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