What does Rodney like?

What does Rodney like?

Lawyers who come for work sessions know that everything Rodney chooses to equip his office with is there for a reason; nothing is random. Over the years, Rodney has observed clients gravitate towards certain of his favorite things and buy them for their own offices. Here are six of the all-time favorite products, described in Rodney’s own words:
Jura GIGA W3 Professional
Superautomatic coffee machine

I’ve had these in my offices for the last 10 years, and this is the third model I’ve owned. My clients tell me it makes the best coffee drinks they’ve had, and it can keep up with the demands of a roomful of lawyers. It grinds the beans fresh for every cup, and it automatically makes every drink my clients enjoy, from macchiato to latte and everything in between.
Freeze Dryer

We enjoy bushels of fruits and vegetables throughout the year from the Farmhouse garden and orchard. The HarvestRight home freeze dryer helps us preserve what we grow so we can enjoy and share just-picked produce all year long. Ours is the large size freeze dryer in stainless.
Bodum Pavina
Double-wall insulated 12-ounce glass

These strong, lab-quality insulated glasses keep coffee warm and fit nicely in the hand. The design creates the illusion of the coffee floating within the glass, and allow the layers of coffee and steamed milk to be seen. My clients swear coffee tastes better in these.
Steelcase Leap
Ergonomic office chair

I’ve been buying new generations of Leap chairs for over 20 years. With their totally customizable fit, these ergonomic chairs allow my clients to sit comfortably all day throughout my work sessions. They come in a myriad of different fabrics and finishes; I prefer all black. We work with One Workplace to source and service our Leap chairs. Contact us for our personal One Workplace representative.
Dell 43 Ultra HD 4K Multi Client

This amazingly sharp and bright 43” desktop monitor is big enough to replace my old two-monitor setup, and in fact allows up to four different simultaneous displays. At first I thought this impressive monitor might even be too big, but it turns out to be the perfect size to get my work done.
DD305 Dual Purpose Easel

I have used and recommended this easel for over 20 years. These sturdy, lightweight stands are essential for displaying demonstrative exhibits in the courtroom. Lawyers should use at least four stands for a trial: one for displaying a keystone exhibit and three more for developing anchor, link & payoff. The stands are easy-to-use, fold flat, stand six feet tall, can hold up to 100 pounds and weigh less than 8 pounds each. Be sure to get the optional carrying cases as they make it much easier for storage and transport. I prefer the black powder-coated finish.
Logitech Spotlight
Wireless presentation remote

Logic Spotlight Remote

I use a presentation remote every day to teach, both in my work sessions and in my education programs. This is the first remote I’ve used that feels good in the hand, with the right weight and intuitive functionality. It recharges through USB, and significantly, a charge lasts for three months. Like all my favorite products, the Spotlight is simple, elegant, and does what it’s supposed to do well.
Pentel EnerGel Deluxe RTX
0.07 mm retractable liquid gel pen

These are the pens I provide in every work session. At the start of the week, each team member gets a black, blue and red pen for taking notes and developing ideas. These pens are smooth writing and nice in the hand; the 0.07 mm thickness is universally preferred by my clients for line quality and smoothness.
Anker PowerLine+
Lightning & mini-USB cables

Anker claims you can bend these cables 10,000 times without breaking, but I’ve never gotten them to that point. All I know is they’re very strong and very fast. I particularly like the the look and feel of the double-braided nylon exterior. I use the 1-foot and 3-foot cables every day.
L16 Light

My new favorite camera creates incredibly beautiful high-resolution images. When the L16 takes a picture, 10 or more of its 16 cameras fire simultaneously, capturing slightly different perspectives of the same scene, which enables photography magic, such as fixing focus and light issues and eliminating digital noise.
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